Improving our City: 1/100th of an inch at a time

Aksan Piller Corporation is an established land surveying firm specializing in redevelopment projects in the heart of Toronto.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Anna Aksan O.L.S. and Helmut Piller O.L.S. have been serving the GTA since 1978.

Toronto Land Surveyor Services

When you need a Land Survey, then you need a comprehensive report done by a licensed professional.  No matter what the reason you need a land surveyor, we will provide you with an accurate land survey.  Take a look at how we can provide you with a land survey that will meet all your needs.

Comprehensive Land Surveys

A survey is a precise means of measuring the position of buildings, roads, land, and other structures on a property.  Geometry and trigonometry are employed to make each measurement accurate.  Land surveys must be updated whenever changes are made to a property and to assure that past surveys were indeed accurate.

Reasons For Conducting Land Surveys

A land survey is required any time you need a detailed report regarding the position of land, any buildings that sit on the land, any surrounding roads, and any other structures or objects that lie within the bounds of the survey.  The accuracy of a land survey is crucial if this report is intended to be legally binding.  A legal survey can only be completed by a licensed surveyor.  If you want building permits, having an official land survey is often a requirement.  A survey may also be necessary as part of a property sale.

Surveys For All Occasions

We do surveys for any number of reasons. We can complete surveys for the buying, financing, or dividing of a property or for rezoning requests. We can also perform surveys for the construction of new buildings, for adding on to old ones, or for modifying portions of buildings, especially load-bearing walls. Our surveys can be used to calculate the exact square footage of a building, to build a fence, to do some landscaping, or to demolish a section of a building.